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'Hélène's program has changed my body shape and my mindset. It's more than just a fitness program,'

A London-born, Cypriot-raised girl, with nothing more than passion, and a dream to help women connect  to and love their bodies, I’m proud to have created an award winning, uplifting & empowering fitness programs, that has reshaped the bodies and changed the lives of hundreds of women. 


As a mother of two, I have seen my body change and gain over 17kg in each pregnancy. With my HAI Programs, I have transformed my body twice into peak state, improving & strengthening, my body and psychological state.

Through living and working in Saudi Arabia, Italy and London, over the last 10 years, my world wide experience with different body types, body goals and fitness techniques has helped me put together fun, energetic and elevating workout programs to get you strong, fit, healthy and love what you see in the mirror. 



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Certified Personal Trainer

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Competed in  triathlons and marathons 

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Sponsored by Adidas


High Profile & Celeb Clients in Middle East

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Athlete with over 15 years of experience

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